Mortars and Racks

All mortars we use are FRE (Fiberglass reinforced epoxy) as the standard mortar material supported by NRCan - ERD.  Mortars and equipment are inspected after each use for faults and quality assurance.

Racks are custom built and designed to handle product failures in the mortar. Design considers consistent sizing across all calibers which allows field deloyments with stability using tight side bracing.

Barge Equipment

Capital Pyrotechnics owns and operates our own barge equipment for select marine-based display locations. The equipment is certified and registered with Transport Canada and built to compliance specifications for this purpose. The equipment is maintained and tested yearly for safety and reliability. We also rent certified barge equipment as needed from trusted rental companies.

We have on staff certified barge operators that carry MED-A3, SVOP, and ROC-M radio certifications to operate marine commercial vessels.

Firing Systems

We have used a large variety of firing systems in the industry over the years and standardized on a combination of Pyromate and Cobra firing systems. Offering numerous firing methods, fully scripted shows, music and timecode synchronization, and 1000's of cues in the field, we are able to deploy an extemely versitile solution that can be applied to many different setups with both wired and wireless capabilities.

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