EnvironmentOffsetting Our Emissions

RVCF Carbon Neutral Program

While our footprint may be small, our industry still produces carbon.

Capital Pyrotechnics is proud to be a Carbon Neutral Program partner with Rideau Valley Conservation Foundation (RVCF). We are committed to this program to offset our emissions from all displays we operate. Our goal is to achieve four times the necessary carbon offset.

In collaboration with Carndu Limited Explosives Consultancy we calculate all possible carbon emissions factors from our events and business operations.

These include:

  • Combustion from the fireworks;
  • Manufacturing process;
  • Delivery of imports to our facilities;
  • Transportation for display operators' personnel;
  • Warehouse and logistics operations; and,
  • Estimated spectator attendance & transportation.

Monitoring our emissions allows RVCF to plant the necessary trees to offset our carbon emissions. Choosing a local partner ensures that our watersheds and environmental initiatives are met directly in the areas we operate.

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